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11 Health Benefits of Knitting & Crochet

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give up smoking

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11 Health Benefits of
Knitting and Crochet

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Kay’s Latest Blog



Whether you want to make something for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, knowing how to read a knitting pattern — whether it is a text version or a chart — will help you achieve success!

If you’ve ever been disappointed in a knitting pattern because the instructions are not clear, let me help you decode the language of knitting in this blog post so you can achieve the effect you desire!

1-to-1 Craft Advice

Sometimes you just need a personal demonstration of how to do a particular pattern, stitch or technique; when you gain confidence, you can enjoy knitting & crochet even more!

To find out how I can assist you with your crafting ambitions, why not book a crochet call or book a knitting call with me? We can discussion your individual requirements and arrange sessions to suit your needs.

Online Workshops

I offer online classes in knitting & crochet, hand embroidery and tatting (lace made with a shuttle). Hints & tips are available in my TikTok channel.

Videos will shortly be available to teach these traditional techniques, and offer support for new patterns.


1-to-1 Transformational Coaching

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or lonely, it may be because you feel unable to “let go” or are lacking a sense of purpose.

Knitting & crochet as well as hand embroidery and tatting are all handicrafts that can help you relax as part of your daily routine. Not only that, but developing practical skills can enhance your sense of achievement and self-esteem. Book a call to find out more.

Growing Supportive Community

We have a growing community in Facebook where ideas can be shared and crafty questions answered – we love sharing knitting & crochet stories! Don’t forget our knitting & crochet is also on Instagram and on TikTok with hints and tips!

My Approach

I enjoy teaching and I believe learning should be fun.  I am happy to demonstrate how something can be done, but I also recognise that there are other methods, and if a different way suits you – go for it! It is by experimenting that we find out what works for each of us. Knitting & crochet should be enjoyed!

My Process

Every stitch and each technique is demonstrated in person or in a clear video that can be watched again and again, in slow motion and in close up so that it is easy to see how to create particular stitches and use specific techniques.  Of course, there are right-handed and left-handed versions!

Unique Framework

I have developed the ONE STEP TM structure, which follows a logical sequence from getting started, reading a pattern, practising the techniques through to finishing your handicraft project!  You can then share a photograph of your project in the community for us all to admire!