Knitting: Your Journey

You hoped to be making things, but now you feel your knitting is tying you in knots and it’s getting you needled…

Fear not — I can help!

Perhaps you are not sure how to make particular stitches — it can be confusing whether you need to work into the back or the front of a stitch. I can clarify this for you so you don’t inadvertently get your stitches in a twist

Take the guesswork out of following a pattern, whether it is a chart or a written pattern, I can help you get to grips with your pattern so you can enjoy being creative and have something to show for your hard work.

Do you sometimes find you’ve knitted an item, following all the instructions, but it hasn’t turned out the right size? There’s a simple solution!


Dr Kay Dudman

Book a Knitting Call with Kay Dudman

 I am an experienced knitting tutor and I can help you understand knitting patterns — I also design my own patterns.

I am offering a complimentary 15-minute Zoom consultation. To book a call with me, select a time and date on the calendar below. We’ll discover what to focus on that will benefit you. I look forward to sharing some hints and tips with you!