Christmas 2022

Are you ready for the festivities?

There’s still time to make some last-minute Christmas crochet decorations!

Do you already have some oddments of yarn in white, red, green and brown? A few inches of orange and black wouldn’t go amiss either!

In this post I’ll be introducing some patterns that I created for a recent class a ran for making these decorations. The patterns are written in UK notation, but it’s easy to convert as the patterns show the US equivalents.

Crochet Christmas pudding

1. Christmas Pudding

The Christmas pudding is a traditional item of Christmas fare — it might not be to everybody’s taste, but there is something comforting about seeing familiar festive items during seasonal celebrations. 

One of the features of the crochet Christmas pudding is that it has zero calories! I wouldn’t recommend eating it, though — the stuffing in these patterns is fibrefill rather than sage & onion (I know, worse than the jokes you find in a Christmas cracker…).


2. Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is one of my favourite things to see as Christmas approaches. As the hours of daylight are still shorter than the night, it means we have the opportunity to see the festive decorations for longer… unless, of course, you are in the southern hemisphere — sorry about that!

There are displays in shops, in squares as well as in people’s homes, and as it gets dark it’s lovely to see the lights come on and twinkle away.

The crochet Christmas tree design is about 4 inches (10 cm) high and is free-standing. I would suggest it could be used as a pincushion so you can celebrate Christmas all year round! Strategically placed pearl-headed pins can stand in for fairy lights, or you could thread decorative beads on the yarn and slide these into position as you make the tree. You could also use some metallic yarn as tinsel!

Christmas tree with pearl headed pins
Crochet mini Christmas tree
Santa hat or elf hat

3. Elf or Santa hat 

Santa needs helpers to get all the presents ready for distribution each year! So it’s important to keep the elves snug and warm as they are so busy. What could be better than a tree decoration in the form of a little elf hat in green and yellow? Of course, Santa is famed for red and white, so there has to be a version in these colours for him and Mrs Claus.


4. Foliage and Flowers

Holly leaves are evergreen, and are another Christmas tradition alongside their red berries.

Many plants die back and are dormant during the winter, so why not make some crochet flowers to brighten table settings and other decorations? Poinsettias are frequently offered as gifts during the festive season, but did you know that the bright red displays are not petals at all, but they are bracts?




3D crochet flower
Crochet snowflake

5. Snowflakes

In nature, snowflakes are six sided, and each is an individual as a fingerprint – no two are exactly the same!

There are various designs for crochet snowflakes, but I think it looks rather decorative to have identical snowflakes joined together as a display, or hanging individually, to contrast with green foliage and red berries. What do you think?


6. Snowman

The idea of a white Christmas, with snow on the ground, is rounded off with the making of a snowman (or snow-woman!). Raymond Briggs’ iconic animation is part of the traditional TV schedule, with a more recent companion programme with the snow-dog… so why not crochet your own snowman? However warm it gets, this one won’t melt away.

Crochet stars

7. Stars

The three wise men were said to follow a star — the astronomical equivalent of sat-nav! This is why a star is often used as an emblem at the top of a Christmas tree or as part of the festive displays around the home.

There are three star variations from which to choose, which can be made in soft yarn or in fine cotton. A sparkly yarn will catch the light and enhance the festive mood. Arrange them from larger to small to give the impression of shooting stars in the night sky!

8. Summary

When it comes to Christmas, we can deck the halls with knitting and crochet, as well as boughs of holly! There are many traditions associated with the changing seasons, particularly as the days grow longer after the winter solstice. Even though there are plenty of hi-tech toys these days, children always seem to enjoy playing in the snow… some things never change!

Holly leaves and berries
Forget me not
Simple leaf pattern

9. Browse Patterns

If you are looking for some patterns to get you started, why not browse the Crafty Cavy pattern shop?

To start on your crochet journey, have a look at some easy patterns first, such as the simple daisy design.

There’s also a simple leaf pattern, to go with the daisy, or why not make a selection of leaves in different colours to show the progression of the seasons?

You might also be interested in joining the Crafty Cavy community, or pop along to my Crafty Cavy page, both on Facebook!

Comments, please!

What do you use as festive decorations? Do you make your own in knitting or crochet, or some other technique? Perhaps you make paper chains or paper snowflakes? Please share your festive ideas in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you!

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