Tied Knitted Headband

Knitted | Adult & Teen | DK

Pattern – Tied Knitted Headband (2034)


1 x 100g DK in Denim (approx 40g required for this project)

Pair of Size 33/4 mm knitting needles,

One Blunt-ended wool needle for sewing up

Tension / Gauge:

Tension is not crucial for this pattern.


Cast on 23 stitches

First row (right side): K to end

Second row: s1, *(P1, K3), repeat until last two sts: P1, K1

Third row: S1, *(K1B, K3), repeat until last two sts: K1B, K1

Repeat second and third rows until work measures 85 cm (33 inches), at least 11/2 times the circumference of head. If it is desired to tie in a bow, double the length will be required.

Cast off in pattern.

Sew in ends.

Wrap round head and tie as in photograph, tucking in ends. Sew in place if desired.

Alternatively, the item may also be worn as a scarf, if desired.