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Videos will shortly be available to teach knitting and crochet techniques and offer new patterns

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1-2-1 Coaching Advice

Sometimes you just need a personal demonstration of how to do a particular pattern, stitch or technique


Crocheting, knitting, and other yarn and thread crafts have been used for thousands of years. While knitting was once done for necessity to make blankets and clothing, it’s now an enjoyable hobby that millions of people of all ages have learned to enjoy.

Knitting or crocheting can be far more than a hobby, though; they come with a range of health benefits to help you feel better every day and enjoy greater mental health and manual dexterity.

If you’re not already a knitter or crocheter, these perks may just give you the reason you need to pick up a new hobby!

About Kay Dudman

Thread Craft Tutor & Designer 

Welcome!  I am a craft tutor and designer; I specialise in knitting and crochet, but I also offer hand embroidery and tatting.  Thread crafts have been an interest of mine for many years, and I’d love to share your journey in creating craft items with classes, hints & tips, patterns and my Crafty Cavy Community on Facebook!  

My Approach

I enjoy teaching and I believe learning should be fun.  I am happy to demonstrate how something can be done, but I also recognise that there are other methods, and if there is a different way that suits you – go for it! It is by experimenting that we find out what works for each of us.

My Process

Every stitch and each technique is demonstrated in a clear video that can be watched again and again, in slow motion and in close up so that it is easy to see how to create particular stitches and use specific techniques.  Of course, there are right-handed and left-handed versions!

Unique Framework

I have developed the ONE STEP TM structure, which follows a logical sequence from getting started, reading a pattern, practising the techniques though to finishing your project!  You can then share a photograph of your project in the community for us all to admire!